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runescape gold

runescape gold

Rs Gold is also vital in Runescape. This is the greatest Secret to getting what you want in Runescape. Runescape gamer Josh Peters posted an emotionally-intense video clip on YouTube recently, instantly after being knocked while streaming before almost 60,000 people. RuneScape is a fantasy enormously multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) internet based online video game.

A short guide/tutorial of the best ways to earn money on Runescape as well as how to become rich on Runescape fast. There are many online complimentary MMORPG video games like RuneScape available if you are wanting to move away from RuneScape or are just seeking an excellent online or downloadable video game with a fantasy setting. RuneScape is a complimentary online dream MMORPG which has actually been online because 2001 and also has even racked up a Guinness World Document entrance as the biggest cost-free MMORPG.

They will certainly never ever before ask for your Runescape password and also the Runescape hacks they offer are usually good Runescape suggestions and also overviews. That to PK and that not to PK In Runescape you have 3 sorts of competitors; you have Runescape warriors, Runescape mages as well as Runescape rangers. RuneScape is a popular dream MMORPG that is played online within your browser.There are many various types of armor on available to totally free gamers of the popular MMORPG RuneScape. There are lots of methods of raising your skills in Runescape. When you play RuneScape investing is everything!Did you understand you can generate cash on Runescape without Runescape Cheat? Details concerning runescape things, runescape accounts, runescape cheats, runescape hacks Economical rate, quick shipping! This is potentially the best way to make money in Runescape without utilizing Runescape Cheat.

This is an exceptional method of making money on Runescape without Runescape Cheat. Over at our blog site our company offer everyday fresh material full of Runescape suggestions, Runescape hacks as well as Runescape quick guides. Due to the fact that you are interested in Runescape and even more significantly making cash on Runescape.Runescape is an extremely old video game that is still very popular, if you are reviewing this it’s most likely. A little improvement on your way to free Runescape Subscription. Is vital to know the valuation of the RuneScape products you are trading due to the fact that you could rip-off yourself from a great deal of gold just by not knowing just what a RuneScape thing deserves!

We have offered over 1,080 Runescape quick guides, and have over 72,000 Runescape players that have make millions general practitioner from Runescape Top Secrets. Allow us now reach the essence and find out exactly how you can make millions on Runescape without Runescape Cheat. If you could look past the repetitive questing as well as the universal dream globe Last Turmoil is a great cost-free MMORPG like RuneScape.

This alchemy calculator supports both Runescape variations by maintaining price data for every variation. In this guide i will certainly tell you the best as well as fastest method to get 99 seeker on the online video game Runescape. Runescape is the leading rated online video game ever before played.
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Elderscrolls Gold

eso gold

eso gold

Being a brand-new player in The Elder Scrolls Online can be difficult sometimes. Another Elder Scrolls video game that ranks highly is the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls Online is a huge multiplayer online roleplaying computer game that is part of the Elder Scrolls franchise of games. Here’s a short Elder Scrolls online overview of get you began.

Elder Scrolls Online will soon be playable without a month-to-month subscription. If you are yet to experience other games in the Elder Scrolls series then the previous Elder Scrolls video games are a terrific place to start if you are after a video game like Skyrim. The best ways to level up skills in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim makes sure to be a really exciting game and the addition of such special creatures like dragons must make it a top choice for game of the year. The Elder Scrolls Online is a fantasy MMORPG from Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda Softworks based upon the popular Elder Scrolls series. These are a few of the most vital factors behind the appeal of this video game.

With the success of the Elder Scrolls Online video game, it’s no secret that Bethesda has got the formula for the Elder Scrolls video game down pat and making the Elder Scrolls 6 need to be no problem to them when it pertains to the technical side of things. In this section of the Elder Scrolls Online walkthrough we Escape from Bleakrock. The 2nd set will certainly be titled The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Skyrim Library.

If you are a fan of The Elder Scrolls Online check out all the most recent Elder Scrolls Online games and devices readily available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Digital Download. The very best ways to make gold rapidly in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In this area of the Elder Scrolls Online walkthrough we retaliate!

In this area of the Elder Scrolls Online walkthrough, we finish 4 quests. You cannot endure elder scrolls online (ESO gold) if you don’t know the best ways to combat. Skyrim is the latest release in a series called Elder Scrolls.

In lots of respects, if you’ve played other titles in the Elder Scrolls series, such as Oblivion or Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online is in line with what you may anticipate. Once again, it feels like an Elder Scrolls game, not WoW with an Elder Scrolls skin. He has been anticipating the release of the elder scrolls online for a very long time.

The Elder Scrolls Online is set about 1,000 years before the occasions in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the coming of the Dragonborn, and prior to the increase of Tiber Septim, the very first Emperor of Tamriel. The Elder Scrolls Anthology showcases all 5 critically-acclaimed video games, plus main add-ons in a premium collectible box set – beginning with The Elder Scrolls: Field and concluding with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition. In The Elder Scrolls Online there are many product sets for all armor types.


The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is ultimately live. To obtain your practical the greatest Elder Scrolls Oblivion walkthrough as well as tons a lot more elder scrolls 4 oblivion cheats, going to Their Oblivion Stroll with is second to none as well as has everything you might perhaps wish to know about Elder scrolls iv Oblivion. The Elder Scrolls Online is established about 1,000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as well as the resulting the Dragonborn, as well as just before the surge of Tiber Septim, the initial Emperor of Tamriel.

Oblivion is the Elder Scrolls video game straight prior to Skyrim and also offers a comparable level of polish and experience as Skyrim. This is the factor that Skyrim was able to revive for players, and also we could expect the exact same factor in the Elder Scrolls Online. This public auction is for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition.

This is a District of Skyrim folded paper map from the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. In the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim begin easy, discover a Skyrim Walkthrough Quick guide as well as identify just what it is you wish to be efficient or solid in LATER in the video game. As specified in the description you carry every Elder Scrolls COMPUTER game ever before made.

Info in this write-up puts on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Believe again if you had The Elder Scrolls Online down as another MMO turkey. To obtain your practical the best Elder Scrolls Oblivion walkthrough going to Their Oblivion Walk via is incomparable as well as has every little thing you can possibly would like to know about Elder scrolls iv Oblivion.

Great for any fan of the eso gold and also Skyrim games! The Elder Scrolls collection includes Field, Dagerfall, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (2002 RPG of the Year), The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2006 Game of the Year). The Elder Scrolls Online left to a rocky start on COMPUTER last springtime, falling short to truly record the hearts of either single-player Elder Scrolls followers or MMO devotees.

Mac players that already purchased The Elder Scrolls Online will not be needed to purchase the video game once more. In this area of the Elder Scrolls Online walkthrough we went about Fixing Order to Ebonheart. In this area of the Elder Scrolls Online walkthrough we go to Ft Virak.

In this part of the Elder Scrolls Online walkthrough we approached Sadal’s Final Defeat. Elder Scrolls Online had a very unique circumstance when it came into writing. The Elder Scrolls Online is dropping a subscription requirement as well as a console release day has actually been announced.

This overview contains an extensive walkthrough of all the major quests of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In a press release today we revealed that we have actually partnered once more with Titan Works to develop 2 brand-new series of stories: The Elder Scrolls Online – Stories of Tamriel & The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Skyrim Collection! Having the concentrate on non-linear video game play and also the advancement of your character, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a RPG title, as well as will be the follow up to 2006’s Video game of the Year The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


Our Street titles not only look and play differently; they also have an audio style all their own. FIFA Street is an over the top visual and gameplay experience, so it makes sense to have the music and sound effects follow suit.  While playing football (soccer) in the streets and parking lots isn’t really underground, it is off the “beaten path” when it comes to music. You won’t be hearing top 40 songs while you’re performing a bicycle kick on a Portuguese rooftop!

Like skating and snowboarding culture, street football also has a style all its own. And it’s that style that helped us take the game in a new musical direction. Our Audio Team here on FIFA Street is second to none and that talent has been applied to our game.

First off, we wanted to capture what’s hot and “going to be hot” in the next year or so in music. Working with our global music team, we sourced out artists and songs that we felt reflected the canvas of FIFA Street 3. It’s a great mix of music with emphasis on electronic and electro. There’s 37 songs and mixes in the game that sound great whether you’re actually playing the game or not.

From dance inspired tracks from Chromeo to the hip hop influences of M.I.A., to the downtempo chill of Underworld – we have a great soundtrack this year! You can check out the full list of songs at the bottom of this blog. We also have special treatments of music in both our menu system and while you’re in GameBreaker mode. Using special dub versions when we can, and custom GameBreaker tracks when you’re in the middle of things in the game – it always sounds fresh.

FIFA Street is all about Style and Substance. So making sure the music adds to that “style” while you’re playing is key. We’ve spent hours in our sound studios just “listening” to tracks – making sure they fit the game.

More often than not, we leave the game running in our team room and just listen to the music. This isn’t “Video Game” music – it’s simply great music that fits perfectly into the genre of game we’re making. I love the way that the music compliments the gameplay instead of competing with it. It’s an unwritten rule that good audio and music makes games LOOK better. Just try and play a game with the sound off and you’ll see what I mean.

Music is only half the equation. The audio special effects, ambient noise and localized player calls add a lot to the game. It sounds great when you’re playing France vs. Spain and the players are calling out to each other in their native languages. We recorded thousands of lines of dialogue, so there’s lots of variety when you’re playing the game.

We also used localized recordings of different environments as well. Playing down at the shipyard sounds like a real shipyard because a real shipyard was what we recorded! Added touches like church bells ringing in the distance in Europe just add to the immersion. Kicking a ball against a wooden fence sounds a lot different than kicking one against a chain link fence. We make sure that the sounds you are hearing while you’re playing are the sounds you SHOULD be hearing when you’re playing. Of course we have some cool special effects when you’re taking shots and making saves as well.

Keeping in mind that FIFA Street 3 is an arcade football (soccer) game, we strike a balance between authenticity and fantasy – and the audio is a huge part of that.
– Joe


Roster Update

The January transfer update is online for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Almost 4000transfers/loans are included in this massive update. Get online and play with correct squads!

FA Premier League transfers
List of player transfers involving Premier League clubs during the January transfer window:


In: Luke Freeman (Gillingham).
Out: Lassana Diarra (Portsmouth), Matthew Connolly (QPR), Fran Merida Perez (Real Sociedad, loan), Jay Simpson (Millwall, loan), Kieran Gibbs (Norwich, loan), Mark Randall (Burnley, loan).

Aston Villa
In: Wayne Routledge (Tottenham).
Out: Gary Cahill (Bolton), Chris Herd (Port Vale, loan) Stephen O’Halloran (Southampton, loan), Tobias Mikaelsson (Port Vale, loan).

In: James McFadden (Everton), David Murphy (Hibernian), Mauro Zarate (Al Saad, loan).
Out: Rowan Vine (QPR), Neil Danns (Crystal Palace), Neil Kilkenny (Leeds), David Howland (Port Vale, loan), Artur Krysiak (Gretna, loan).

In: Jonathan Flynn (Ballymena).
Out: Robbie Savage (Derby), Andy Taylor (Tranmere), Peter Enckelman (Cardiff, loan), Paul Gallagher (Stoke, loan).

In: Gary Cahill (Aston Villa), Matt Taylor (Portsmouth), Gretar Steinsson (AZ Alkmaar), Tamir Cohen (Maccabi Netanya), Grzegorz Rasiak (Southampton).
Out: Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea), Gerald Cid (Nice), Gary Speed (Sheffield United), Christian Wilhemsson (Deportivo La Coruna, loan), Lubomir Michalik (Leeds).

In: Nicolas Anelka (Bolton), Branislav Ivanovic (Lokomotiv Moscow), Franco di Santo (Audax Italiano).
Out: Ryan Bertrand (Norwich, loan), Adrian Pettigrew (Rotherham, loan), Anthony Grant (Southend, loan).

In: Emanuel Villa (UAG Tecos), Robbie Savage (Blackburn), Laurent Robert (free agent), Roy Carroll (Rangers), Alan Stubbs (Everton), Mile Sterjovski (Genclerbirligi), Hossam Ghaly (Tottenham, loan), Danny Mills (Manchester City, loan).
Out: Steve Howard (Leicester), Matt Oakley (Leicester), Andy Griffin (Stoke), Jon Macken (Barnsley), Lee Holmes (Walsall, loan), Stephen Bywater (Ipswich, loan).

In: Manuel Fernandes (Valencia, loan), Dan Gosling (Plymouth Argyle), Anthony Gardner (Tottenham, loan).
Out: James McFadden (Birmingham), Alan Stubbs (Derby, free), Patrick Boyle (Crewe, loan), Lukas Jutkiewicz (Plymouth, loan) John Paul Kissock (Gretna).

In: Brede Hangeland (FC Copenhagen), Leon Andreasen (Werder Bremen), Eddie Johnson (Kansas City Wizards), Erik Nevland (FC Groningen), Toni Kallio (BSC Young Boys), Jari Litmanen (free agent), Paul Stalteri (Tottenham, loan).
Out: Steve Davis (Rangers, loan), Collins John (Leicester City, loan).

In: Martin Skrtel (Zenit St. Petersburg), Alex Cooper (Ross County).
Out: Mohamed Sissoko (Juventus), Jack Hobbs (Scunthorpe United, loan), Lee Peltier (Yeovil).

Manchester City
In: Felipe Caicedo (FC Basel), Nery Castillo (Shakhtar Donetsk, loan), Filippo Mancini (Inter Milan, loan).
Out: Rolando Bianchi (Lazio, loan), Georgios Samaras (Celtic, loan), Ousmane Dabo (Lazio), Danny Mills (Derby County, loan), Matthew Mills (Doncaster Rovers, loan), Marc Laird (Millwall, loan), Ishmael Miller (West Brom).

Manchester United
In: Manucho Goncalves (Petro Luanda).
Out: Ryan Shawcross (Stoke City), Phil Bardsley (Sunderland), Adam Eckersley (Port Vale), Manucho Goncalves (Panathinaikos, loan), Fabian Brandy (Swansea, loan), Kieran Lee (QPR, loan), Jonny Evans (Sunderland, loan), Darron Gibson (Wolverhampton Wanderers, loan), Fraizer Campbell (Hull City, loan), Kieran Lee (QPR, loan), Lee Martin (Sheffield United, loan).

In: Afonso Alves (Heerenveen).
Out: Jonathan Woodgate (Tottenham), Andrew Davies (Southampton), Ben Hutchinson (Celtic).

Newcastle United
In: Ben Tozer (Swindon), Tamas Kadar (Zalaegerszeg), Fabio Zamblera (Atalanta), Wesley Ngo Baheng (Le Havre).
Out: David Rozehnal (Lazio, loan), Matty Pattison (Norwich).

In: Lassana Diarra (Arsenal), Milan Baros (Lyon, loan), Danijel Subotic (FC Basel), Lucien Aubey (Lens, loan), Jermain Defoe (Tottenham).
Out: Matt Taylor (Bolton Wanderers), Djimi Traore (Rennes, loan).

In: Marek Matejovsky (Mlada Boleslav), Jimmy Kebe (Lens).
Out: Simon Church (Yeovil, loan), Hal Robson-Kanu (Southend, loan), James Henry (Norwich, loan), Alex Pearce (Norwich, loan), John Halls (Crystal Palace, loan), Simon Cox (Swindon).

In: Jean-Yves Mvoto (Paris St-Germain), Phil Bardsley (Manchester United), Rade Prica (Aalborg), Jonny Evans (Man United, loan), Andy Reid (Charlton).
Out: Andy Cole (Burnley, loan), Stanislav Varga (Burnley, loan), Greg Halford (Charlton, loan).

In: Alan Hutton (Rangers), Chris Gunter (Cardiff), Jonathan Woodgate (Middlesbrough), Gilberto (Hertha Berlin).
Out: Phil Ifil (Colchester), Lee Barnard (Southend), Wayne Routledge (Aston Villa), Ben Alnwick (Leicester, loan), Hossam Ghaly (Derby, loan), Anthony Gardner (Everton, loan), Paul Stalteri (Fulham, loan), Jermain Defoe (Portsmouth).

West Ham
In: None.
Out: Hogan Ephraim (QPR), Christian Dailly (Rangers, loan).

In: Wilson Palacios (Deportivo Olimpia), Maynor Figueroa (Deportivo Olimpia, loan), Erik Edman (Rennes), Antonio Valencia (Villarreal), Marlon King (Watford), Erik Hagen (Zenit St Petersburg, loan).
Out: Fitz Hall (QPR), Denny Landzaat (Feyenoord).

Here are some transfers from leagues around Europe which are included in the brand new roster update:

Ligue 1
Jacques Abardonado – Nice — > Nuremberg
Lucien Aubey – Lens — > Portsmouth (On loan)
Milan Baros – Olympique Lyon — > Portsmouth (On loan)
Nadir Belhadj – Olympique Lyon — > Lens
Sergio Bernardo – Juventus — > Monaco (On loan)
Jean-Alain Boumsong  – Juventus — > Olympique Lyon
Gerald Cid – Bolton Wanderers — > Nice
Cesar Delgado – Cruz Azul — > Olympique Lyon
Everton dos Santos Pinto – Corinthians — > Paris St. Germain
Honorato Ederson – Olympique Lyon — > Nice (On loan)
Erik Edman – Rennes — > Wigan Athletic
Pierre-Alain Frau – Paris St. Germain — > Lille
Ignacio Gonzalez – Danubio (URU) — > Monaco
Elliot Grandin – Caen — > Marseille
Yann Jouffre – Guingamp — > Lorient
Feliz Katongo – Primeiro (ANG) — > Rennes
Jimmy Kebe – Lens — > Reading
Jan Koller – Monaco — > Nuremberg
Williams Martinez – Defensor — > Valenciennes
Toifilou Maoulida – Auxerre — > Lens
Vlad Munteanu – Wolfsburg — > Auxerre (On loan)
Jean-Yves Mvoto – Paris St. Germain — > Sunderland
Lasse Nilsson – St. Etienne — > Aalborg (On loan)
Nikola Pokrivac – Dinamo Zagreb — > Monaco (On loan)
Julien Quercia – Sochaux — > Auxerre
Loic Remy – Olympique Lyon — > Lens (On loan)
Fabio Santos – Olympique Lyon — > Sao Paulo (On loan)
Souza – Sao Paulo — > Paris St. Germain
Djimi Traore – Portsmouth — > Rennes (On loan)
Kandia Traore – Al Wasl — > Sochaux

Jacques Abardonado – Nice — > Nuremberg
Carlos Alberto – Bremen — > Sao Paulo (On loan)
Leon Andreasen – Bremen — > Fulham
Bryan Arguez – D.C. United — > Hertha Berlin
Alexander Bade – SC Paderborn — > Borussia Dortmund
Diego Benaglio – Nacional — > Wolfsburg
Breno – Sao Paulo — > Bayern Munich
Aleksey Byelik – Shakhtar Donetsk — > Vfl Bochum
Valeri Domovchiyski – Levski Sofia — > Hertha Berlin (On loan)
Martin Fenin – FK Teplice — > Eintracht Frankfurt
Gilberto – Hertha Berlin — > Tottenham
Makoto Hasebe – Urawa Red Diamonds — > Wolfsburg
Branko Jelic – Xiamen Lanshi — > Energie Cottbus
Gojko Kacar – Vojvodina Novi Sad — > Hertha Berlin
Joshua Kennedy – Nuremberg — > Karlsruhe
Thomas Kleine – Hannover 96 — > Mönchengladbach
Jan Koller – Monaco — > Nuremberg
Danijel Ljuboja – Stuttgart — > Wolfsburg (On loan)
Christian Muller – Hertha Berlin — > Energie Cottbus
Vlad Munteanu – Wolfsburg — > Auxerre    On loan
Mesut Oezil – Schalke — > Werder Bremen
Shinji Ono – Urawa Red Diamonds — > Vfl Bochum
Michal Papadopoulos – Bayer Leverkusen — > Energie Cottbus
Sebastian Proedl – Sturm Graz — > Werder Bremen
Anton Putsilo – Dinamo Minsk — > Hamburg
Raffael – FC Zurich — > Hertha Berlin
Sergiu Radu – Wolfsburg — > Stutgart
Vicente Sanchez – Toluca — > Schalke
Silvio Schroter – Hannover 96 — > Duisburg
Rudolf Skacel – Southampton — > Hertha Berlin (On loan)
Albert Streit – Frankfurt — > Schalke
Naohiro Takahara – Eintracht Frankfurt — > Urawa Reds
Ze Roberto – Botafogo — > Schalke

Serie A
Adriano – Inter Milan — > Sao Paulo (On loan)
Sergio Bernardo – Juventus — > Monaco (On loan)
Rolando Bianchi – Manchester City — > Lazio (On loan)
Jean-Alain Boumsong – Juventus — > Olympique Lyon
Richard Candelaresi – River Plate (URU) — > Siena
Bruno Cirillo – Levante — > Reggina (On loan)
Manuel Coppola – Genoa — > Siena (On loan)
Dominico Criscito – Juventus — > Genoa (On loan)
Stefano Diana – Palermo — > Torino
Sidney dos Santos – Nautico Capibaribe (BRA) — > Livorno
Cristiano Lucarell – Shakhtar Donetsk — > Parma (On loan)
Stephen Makinwa – Lazio — > Reggina  (On loan)
Filippo Mancini – Inter Milan — > Manchester City (On loan)
Maniche – Atletico Madrid — > Inter Milan (On loan)
Matias Masiero – Central Espanyol (URU) — > Genoa
Ruben Olivera – Juventus — > Peñarol (URU)
Michele Pazienza – Fiorentina — > Napoli
Marco Pisano – Palermo — > Torino (On loan)
Christian Rigano – Levante — > Siena (On loan)
David Rozehnal – Newcastle — > Lazio (On loan)
Mohamed Sissoko – Liverpool — > Juventus
Guglielmo Stendardo – Lazio — > Juventus (On loan)
Marco Storari – AC Milan — > Cagliari (On loan)
Fabio Zamblera – Atalanta — > Newcastle

Afonso Alves – Heerenveen — > Middlesbrough
Daniel Artola – Metalurg Donetsk — > NEC Nijmegen (On loan)
Kevin Bobson – Willem II — > NEC Nijmegen (On loan)
Dave Bus – De Graafschap — > Aberdeen (On loan)
Matias Cahais – Boca Juniors — > Groningen (On loan)
Aykut Demir – NAC Breda — > Excelsior (On loan)
Sepp de Roover – Sparta Rotterdam — > Groningen
Jeroen Drost – Heerenveen — > NEC Nijmegen
Anders Due – Vitesse Arnhem — > Aalborg
Gonzalo Garcia Garcia – Heerenveen — > Heracles
Christian Grindheim – Valerenga — > Heerenveen
Keisuke Honda – Nagoya (JPN) — > VVV Venlo
Michael Jansen – Feyenoord — > De Graafschap (On loan)
Denny Landzaat – Wigan Athletic — > Feyenoord
Hedwiges Maduro – Ajax — > Valencia
Hector Moreno – UNAM Pumas — > AZ Alkmaar
George Mourad – IFK Gothenburg — > Willem II
Lee Nguyen – PSV Eindhoven — > Randers (DEN)
Kenneth Perez – PSV Eindhoven — > Ajax
Simon Poulson – FC Midtjylland — > AZ Alkmaar
Bruno Silva – Groningen — > Ajax
Gretar Steinsson – AZ Alkmaar — > Bolton
Michal Svec – Slavia Prague — > Heerenveen
Vincent van den Berg – Arsenal — > Go Ahead Eagles (On loan)
Leonardo Veloso – Atletico Mineiro — > Willem II

Bwin Liga
Yassir Abdulrahman – Braga — > Boavista (On loan)
Andre Pinto Candamcan – Kyoto (JPN) — > Maritimo
Fabio Coentrao – Benfica — > Nacional (On loan)
Rodrigo da Rocha – Fluminense — > Sporting
Damian Gorawski – FC Moscow — > Leiria
Ariza Makukula – Sevilla — > Benfica
Jose Miguel Simoes – Benfica — > Braga
Arvid Smit – Maritimo — > Leiria (On loan)

Scottish Premier League
Dave Bus – De Graafschap — > Aberdeen
Tony Caig – Gretna — > Houston
Roy Carroll – Rangers — > Derby County
Alex Cooper – Ross County — > Liverpool
Martyn Corrigan – Motherwell — > Kilmarnock
Christain Dailly – West Ham — > Rangers (On loan)
Steven Davis – Fulham — > Rangers (On loan)
Andy Dorman – New England — > St. Mirren
Stuart Duff – Dundee United — > Aberdeen
William Easton – Dundee United — > Ayr United
Danny Grainger – Gretna — > Dundee United
Michael Hart – Aberdeen — > Preston North End
Andreas Hinkel – Sevilla — > Celtic
Ben Hutchinson – Middlesbrough — > Celtic (On loan)
Alan Hutton – Rangers — > Tottenham
Jiri Jarosik – Celtic — > Samara (RUS)
John Paul Kissock – Everton — > Gretna (On loan)
David Murphy – Hibernian — > Birmingham City
Colin Nish – Kilmarnock — > Hibernian
James O’Brien – Celtic — > Dundee United (On loan)
Eric Odhiambo – Leicester Ciy — > Dundee United (On loan)
Barry Robson – Dundee United — > Celtic
Georgios Samaras – Manchester City — > Celtic (On loan)
Fernando Screpis – Kaunas (LIT) — > Hearts
John Stewart – Falkirk — > Queen of the South (On loan)
John Walker – Middlesbrough — > Aberden

Primera División
Pablo Alvarez – Deportivo la Coruña — > Racing Santander (On loan)
Ever Banega – Boca Juniors — > Valencia
Bruno Cirillo – Levante — > Reggina (On loan)
Sebastian Eguren – Hammarby — > Villarreal (On loan)
Manuel Fernandes – Valencia — > Everton (On loan)
Diego Figueredo – Valladolid — > Cerro Porteno (PAR)
Andreas Hinkel – Sevilla — > Celtic
Hedwiges Maduro – Ajax — > Valencia
Maniche – Atletico Madrid — > Inter Milan (On loan)
Fran Merida – Arsenal — > Real Sociedad (On loan)
Sergio Orteman – Boca Juniors — > Racing Santander (On loan)
Christian Rigano – Levante — > Siena (On loan)
Marco Ruben – River Plate — > Villarreal
Damian Saravia – Sporting Cristal (PER) — > Racing Santander
Danny Szetela – Racing Santander — > Brescia (On loan)
Christian Wilhelmsson – Bolton — > Depotivo La Coruna
Antonio Valencia – Villarreal — > Wigan Athletic

Njogu Demba-Nyrén – Esbjerg (DAN) — > SK Brann
Yaw-Ihle Amankwah – Fana — > SK Brann
Gylfi Einarsson – Leeds United (ENG) — > SK Brann
Michael Thwaite – Wisla Krakow (POL) — > SK Brann
Joackim Thomassen – Sparta Sarpsborg –> Fredrikstad FK
Abgar Barsom – Örebro (SWE) — > Fredrikstad FK
Christian Halvorsen – youth squad — > Fredrikstad FK
Øyvind Hoås – Fredrikstad FK — > released
Christian Berg – Fredrikstad FK — > FK Bodø/Glimt
Miika Multaharju – Fredrikstad FK — > released
Anders Prytz – Fredrikstad FK — > released
Johan Sjöberg – Fredrikstad FK — > Elfsborg (SWE)
Rami Shaaban – Fredrikstad FK — > Hammarby (SWE)
Steinar Pedersen – IK Start — > Lillestrøm SK
Cisse Abshir – youth squad — > Lillestrøm SK
Jon Midttun Lie – IK Start — > Lillestrøm SK
Vidar Riseth – Rosenborg BK — > Lillestrøm SK
Anders Rambekk – Lillestrøm SK — > Odd Grenland
Shane Stefanutto – Lillestrøm SK — > FC Lyn Oslo
Jimmy Tamandi – AIK (SWE) — > FC Lyn Oslo
Kjell Petter Opheim – Manglerud/Star — > FC Lyn Oslo
Theodor Elmar Bjarnasson – Celtic (SCO) — > FC Lyn Oslo
Trygve Velten – Drøbak/Frogn — > FC Lyn Oslo
Jo Tessem – FC Lyn Oslo — > Bournemouth (ENG)
Johan Dahlin – FC Lyn Oslo — > Trelleborg (SWE)
Enriqe Ortiz – FC Lyn Oslo — > released
Ezekiel Bala – FC Lyn Oslo — > FK Bryne)
Kristoffer Paulsen – IK Start — > Molde FK
Vadim Demidov – Hønefoss BK — > Rosenborg BK
Rune Almenning Jarstein – Odd Grenland — > Rosenborg BK
John Pelu – Kongsvinger IL — > Rosenborg BK
Juska Savolainen – Tampere (FIN) — > Rosenborg BK
Mikael Dorsin – Rosenborg BK — > CFR Cluj (ROM)
Lars Hirschfeld – Rosenborg BK — > CFR Cluj (ROM)
Iven Austbø – Viking — > Stabæk Fotball
Vegar Eggen Hedenstad – Elverum — > Stabæk Fotball
Inge André Olsen – IK Start — > Stabæk Fotball
Torstein Andersen Aase – Nordstrand — > Stabæk Fotball
Jan Tømmernes – Asker — > Stabæk Fotball
Eirik Markegård – Stabæk Fotball — > Sandefjord Fotball
Jens Waltorp Sørensen – Stabæk Fotball — > released
Joel Riddez – Örebro (SWE) — > Strømsgodset Toppfotball
Komlan Amewou – Agaza De Lome (AFR) — > Strømsgodset Toppfotball
Øyvind Leonhardsen – Strømsgodset Toppfotball — > retired
Trond Fredrik Ludvigsen – Strømsgodset Toppfotball — > SK Brann
Ronny Deila – Strømsgodset Toppfotball — > retired
Keijo Huusko – Strømsgodset Toppfotball — > Tromsø IL
Kevin Larsen – FC Lyn Oslo — > Tromsø IL
Miika Koppinen – Rosenborg BK — > Tromsø IL
Tommy Knarvik – Sandefjord Fotball — > Tromsø IL
Adriano Munoz – Sandefjord Fotball — > Tromsø IL
Hördur Sveinsson – Tromsø IL — > Silkeborg (DAN)
Christian Steen – Tromsø IL — > Molde FK
Jo Nymo Matland – Tromsø IL — > TUIL
Joakim Austnes – Aalesunds FK — > Viking FK
Martin Fillo – Viktoria Plzen (CZE) — > Viking FK
Kristian Nicht – Alemannia Aachen (GER) — > Viking FK
Tommy Høiland – FK Bryne — > Viking FK
Jørgen Tengesdal – Viking FK — > Randaberg)
Trygve Nygaard – Viking FK — > FK Haugesund)
Søren Berg – Viking FK — > Randers (DAN)
Martin Andresen – SK Brann — > Vålerenga Fotball
Lars Iver Strand – Tromsø IL — > Vålerenga Fotball
André Muri – Odd Grenland– > Vålerenga Fotball
Troy Perkins – DC United (USA) — > Vålerenga Fotball
Kristofer Hæstad – Start — > Vålerenga Fotball
Bengt Sæternes – Odense (DAN) — > Vålerenga Fotball
Arni Gautur Arason – Vålerenga Fotball — > released
Thomas Holm – Vålerenga Fotball — > Molde FK
Arnar Førsund – Vålerenga Fotball — > HamKam)
Steinar Strømnes – Vålerenga Fotball — > Kongsvinger IL
Jan Derek Sørensen – Vålerenga Fotball — > Bodø/Glimt
Christian Grindheim  – Vålerenga Fotball — > Heerenveen (HOL)
Johan Arneng – Djurgården (SWE) — > Aalesunds FK
Alexander Mathisen – Vålerenga Fotball — > Aalesunds FK
Pat Noonan – New England Revolution (USA) — > Aalesunds FK
Jeffrey Aubynn – Aalesunds FK — > Malmö FF (SWE)
Peter Werni – Aalesunds FK — > Skjetten
Håvard Sakariassen – Aalesunds FK — > FK Bryne
Roar Husby – Aalesunds FK — > released
Magnus Kihlberg – Aalesunds FK — > Örebro (SWE)
Zbynech Pospech – Odd Grenland — > Artmedia Bratislava (SLO)
Olof Hvidèn-Watson – Odd Grenland — > released
Trond Viggo Toresen – Odd Grenland — > Notodden
Samuel Almeida Camazzola – Juventude — > Sandefjord Fotball
Kjartan Finnbogason – Celtic (SCO) — > Sandefjord Fotball
Jan Frode Nornes – Sandefjord Fotball — > FK Tønsberg
Olav Tuelo Johannesen – Sandefjord Fotball — > FK Tønsberg (Kongsvinger IL)
Mikael Andersson – Sandefjord Fotball — > Enköping (SWE)
Peter Skov Jensen – Sandefjord Fotball — > released
Toni Nhleko – Sandefjord Fotball — > Hammarby (SWE)
Clarence Goodson – FC Dallas (USA) — > IK Start
Ygor Santiago – IK Start — > Fluminense (BRA)

*Transfer deadline for Tippeligaen is 31/03-2008


The FIFA community has asked Lead Designer, Justin Sheffield, some questions about the soon to be released title; FIFA Street 3!

Why should a FIFA 08 gamer also buy FIFA Street 3?
As a football fan myself, I see FIFA Street 3 as an opportunity for a quick and casual football experience. When I don’t have a lot of time to invest in a long match with pre-game strategies and setup, with managerial and season factors to weigh – I just want to sit down in front of an HD TV with a 5.1 setup, a cold beverage and a friend and have some fun playing football before (or after) we head out for the night – that’s where FIFA Street 3 fits the bill for me. It’s the evolution of arcade street football, you’ve never seen anything like it before – and it’s a blast to play!

Is the game based on the way futsal is played?
It’s got some futsal elements in it – we based a lot of the keeper saves, for instance, on a futsal style – not so much covering or catching the ball, but keeping the ball in play and making a lot of point-blank saves. We tried to give the game the same kind of spacing as futsal too – not have the AI attack all the time – we gave players space to do some tricks and show off some moves.

Which 18 national teams will be in the game?
Czech Rep.
New Zealand

Which team is the highest rated in the game?
It’s a 3-way tie between Brazil, France and Italy at 4.5 stars out of 5.

In what manner should a gamer play FIFA Street 3 – is it better to play as a team or be a bit more selfish?
Both! You need to get the most out of each Specialist (Playmaker, Trickster, Enforcer, Finisher) as individuals and in team play.

How easy is it to pull off a skill move?
For ground tricks, it’s all about the right stick. Tap in a direction – see a move. Hold in a direction – see a bigger move. Try different combinations (L, R or R, R etc) to see a ton of different moves. Remember that you can pass or shoot out of any trick. For airplay, tap the Y button to flick the ball – hold the Y button to flick it even higher. Try it with the right stick in different directions to get a ton of flick moves. Try stalling the ball at different heights (head, knee, foot) with left trigger.

What´s the most amazing trick in the game?
Some of the nutmegs in Gamebreaker activate amazing two-man moves – just try the right stick near an opponent when you have Gamebreaker active to see some martial arts athleticism.

Are there any refs in the game?
No. No need – street rules!

Does the game run on the same gameplay engine as FIFA Street 2? Or is it build from scratch?
It’s from the ground up. It uses a lot of FIFA 08 AI and some tailor-made code for our unique style of game.

Tell us something exciting about the online modes?
There are a couple of really cool new modes in this year’s online play. The first is inspired by something we’ve all lived through on the schoolyard pitch. We call it Playground Picks – and it’s basically you and an online opponent acting as first and second captain – picking from a group of players and then playing a match. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it means that you’ll never be picked last! Second, our World Challenge mode is a new twist on the real FIFA world rankings. You can go online as your favorite national team against any online opponent – knowing that a win will boost your country’s ranking. Of course the twist is that there could be thousands of players playing as those same teams against each other, so it’s important to play (and win!) often to keep your flag at the top of the charts.

Tell us about Gamebreaker mode?
Gamebreaker is a blast this time around – both to look at and to play. The first thing we did is get rid of the circle on the ground that you used to need to run into to activate the gamebreaker. Now once you’ve done enough tricks (always cashing in your gamebreaker potential with a shot on target) to get your gamebreaker ready, you can activate it with the push of a button – so you can use it strategically – either on offense or defense. Activating gamebreaker will basically make all of your players a specialist in everything – each player has all the abilities and moves of the Finisher, Trickster, Enforcer and Playmaker unlocked and available. The world around you reacts to the gamebreaker activation too – the soundtrack changes to a remix, up-tempo version of whatever song is playing at the time, and you can’t help but see the objects in the arena you’re in dance along to the beat. The new gameplay twist we’ve added to gamebreaker is actually inspired by real football. No more goal deductions – for us a goal is too sacred a thing, even in a high scoring match to ever put a mode in that will take away a goal scored. Instead, it’s more like momentum in a real football match. If one team is outclassing the other and scores, it’s not as if all that energy is over with – so the gamebreaker doesn’t end with goal – but it starts depleting faster and faster with each subsequent marker. Of course if the team without the gamebreaker scores, then that immediately gets everything back to even terms. In other words, it may look and feel out of this world, but it still has its roots in football, or sport, fundamentals.

Audio Discussion

The game has a very distinct audio style. Tell us about it?
We wanted the overall mix of the audio treatment to fit with the new visual style of the game. We wanted player speech to bring out the playfulness of the game. We wanted the ambience of each unique environment to be a differentiating and immersive experience. Our sound artists worked really hard at getting the flavour of all the different arenas to come through without even opening your eyes – and at the same time we had to make sure that the sound effects with respect to the ball, the HUD, etc, fit with the arcade look. I’m thrilled with the results.

What was the decision behind not having a commentator in the game?
We wanted the spirit of friendly competition to come across – not the feeling that this is an organized, sponsored tournament or event. It’s a shift that I really like to have the experience be player-centric. These guys are the stars and they do all the talking – literally and figuratively.

How did you get the shouts and other audio that appears in the game?

We recorded tens of thousands of lines during hours of football matches featuring English, French, German and Spanish players. We had microphones on each player as they had fun playing some football – then the challenge was weeding out all the profanity!

The soundtrack is really ‘different’; is it difficult to go for a particularly sound when you have to find music from such a wide range of source countries?
Not at all – it makes it easier in a lot of ways, I think. It’s like sitting down to make a mixed tape (or CD these days) – the more material you have to choose from, the better. With our contacts through our Worldwide music department – from big name artists to underground DJs in Brazil, we found a ton of artists that not only had great material, but had a great attitude – willing to work with our music designer to get the tracks interactive with our gameplay and environments.

What is the process of creating a soundtrack for videogames?
We sit down, the producers and our music designer, to figure out a tone and style that’s going to fit with the game (and be cool in a year and a half) – then with our Worldwide department and our own contacts, we start chasing down what’s coming out and finding artists that are cool with us working to integrate their music.

What makes good game music? How many songs do you listen to before you find the right songs for the game?
We probably listened to hundreds of tracks before the final soundtrack is completed. It’s got to be the right tone for the game – for this game we didn’t want anything too rock-centric or hip-hop – it was electronic, but not ambient – mid tempo but not chill. Also, it’s got to be with the right kind of artists – who will work with our music designer and legal team to integrate their songs into our game. Lots of factors make it a challenge – but with the variety of songs and artists we’re talking with, it’s a lot of fun.

Art Discussion

The first thing which strikes people when they play the game is the visual style. What is was the thinking behind this style?

We set out to make an arcade street football game. Five world-class players aside – doing over-the-top tricks, parkour moves and martial arts style athleticism – so they had to look the part. These guys are larger than life already – the things they can do on the pitch and on the street are unbelievable – we just turned that real life heroism up an extra notch. The players loved it, I have to add – when they got to see themselves in action in this new visual style – they totally understood that we were having fun with their almost out-of-this-world abilities in a way that still respected them, and the game.

How do you create the player heads? What was the process behind them?
We start with finding visual reference – what’s his hair look like these days? – then we worked with a caricature artist to transform that reference to fit our visual style. After that we model the 3D head, then in the game it goes. Sounds simple – except that it takes a number of people throughout this process days for each head – and we’ve got close to 300 heads in the game!

When it came to showing the player heads to the actual players what were their thoughts?
You know what – for the most part, they loved it! We had some teams come back wondering what the tone or context of the game was – but once they saw how seriously we took the game and their involvement in it, we didn’t have any problems at all.

Which is your favourite player head and which one did you spend the most time on?
I think one of the best ones we’ve done is Ribery; we’ve captured his character perfectly; he looks so good. I’d say Thierry Henri was probably the guy we spent the most time on, but only because he was one of the first prototypes we worked on to get the look down. The game looked quite creepy for a while with 10 Henri’s running around playing with and against each other.

The arenas are pretty varied; how did you come up with the ideas of them?
That was a lot of fun – it started with ‘where are some unbelievable places in the world where people actually play street football’ – with a mix of ‘where would it be cool to play street football if we could play anywhere?’ We wanted to have a mix of locations from all over the world that were a mix of gritty and much more colourful & celebratory – without having to find exact locations – it was a nice exercise in creative license.

Do you worry about comparisons with the art style of Team Fortress 2?
Of course not! Why worry about being compared to such an amazing looking game? There are dozens of sources that helped inspire us that I’d be proud to be compared with – and I hope that others are inspired by our unique final vision.

Does the cartoon superhero look make it more believable to perform outrageous skill moves?
Absolutely. We didn’t want super-real looking players leaping off walls (or each other) – but at the same time we didn’t want to have them be cartoons – almost all of their moves are based on real motion-captured data. These guys really are superheroes in real life when you get to see them in action up close – the footballers, the freestylers, the parkour guys and the gymnasts – all amazing athletes.

Player Discussion

When you were looking at which players to include how did you select them?
We started with the FIFA and national team rules – all players in the game must have at least one cap and can’t have retired from international play. Then it was down to our football gurus to pick out dream lineups!

Do you ever speak to the players to find out what they think of the game?
We do. Ronaldinho’s a big video game player – it was great having him do moves that he says are missing from our games – talk about ‘if you want to do something right, you have to do it yourself!’

For FS3 you used a different database to the usual FIFA one. What was the thinking behind doing this?
It’s such a different game! Setting lineups in a five-a-side game with Specialists and different game types is a completely different beast. I love our arcade-style teams that we’ve selected.

The players can pull off some pretty special moves in the game. How did you come with the animations? I can’t imagine it was very practical to try to motion capture a lot of the moves.
Actually, I’d say that more than 90% of the moves in our game were motion captured. There’s a serious advantage of overlooking one of North America’s motion capture studios. Couple that with all the talent that we’re in contact with, and we can do some very tactical shoots to get moves in the game.

Who did the mocaps? Any famous players?
EA has a motion capture team – they work with our animators and producers to capture all our moves. We worked with local footballers and freestylers, parkour experts, martial artists and gymnasts – along with names like Ronaldinho, Ramos, Klose among others.

Will some of the skill moves in FIFA 08 be in FIFA Street 3?
Not the exact same – some of the Ronaldinho shoot made it into both games, but each team hand-tweaks their data to fit in with the different styles and timings of each product. In the end we have a lot more freedom and room for tricks and skill moves than they do with all the ‘real world’ moves they have to get right.

Which player did you spend the most time working on and why?
I don’t think any one player had more work done – in terms of our specialists, obviously the Trickster is kind or our heart and soul – so there was a lot of work done on his kind of moves. The keepers, too, had a lot of time invested because they play such a different style of football than the simulation game – we wanted to keep the ball in play more, and have real saves – not canned ones – for all the point blank shots he takes in a game. That meant a lot of capture and a lot of AI work to make sure the keeper’s actually making saves – we’re not warping the ball or deciding before the ball gets whether the ball’s going to go in or not.

Who is the most gifted player in the game?
It depends on your goal. It really comes down to which Specialists you need – what goal you’re trying to accomplish and who you’re up against. If you get good enough at timing your tackles and interceptions, you may be able to get away without an Enforcer in the lineup – that frees you up for more offensive play, but may leave you susceptible to counterattacks.

Are certain skill moves limited to the best players in the game or will we see the best players from New Zealand able to compete with Ronaldinho for trick moves?
For the most part all players are on equal footing for the arsenal of tricks that they can attempt – the better players just have a better chance at competing them in the heat of battle.


Environment Discussion

The game has a great range of environments. What was the thinking behind the range of arenas?
We wanted to brighten up the franchise – not so many ‘underground’ feeling arenas. This is a fun game, not an out-of-bounds skate park. That being said, we still play in some sketchy areas, because it’d be cool to play in a Shipyard or on the Oil Rig – who wouldn’t want to give that a try?

What are the plans for the environments after launch? Can we expect to see some new ones available as DLC?
You bet. Three more environments are going to be ready post-launch as DLC.

How long does it take to build an environment? Did the artists get trips to the beach or Prague etc? And if so, which unlucky one got to go to the oil rigs?
Ha! That’s a drawback to the internet, I guess – there’s so much access to reference photos from all around the world that no one gets to travel the world any more – to beaches or oil rigs! Each environment took probably a couple of months to build – though we got faster as things like the final gameplay cameras get locked down, the ball physics get finalized – things like that.

Given that the environments play a part in the gameplay do you have to make changes to balance the game or did they all work as you planned?
It’s an iterative process because of all the interactive objects and gameplay tuning that goes on as we build each arena. We may have to raise or lower walls, add elements to liven up an area or move things around to make each one the most fun to play in. We wanted a mix of cool visual and gameplay elements both within and just outside of the standard camera views.

Which one took the most work and which was the hardest to get the look and feel right?
I think Riverside was a tough one to get balanced right. We worked for a long time on the right feel between keeping the ball in and letting it go out of play. We didn’t want any invisible walls keeping balls in, but didn’t want to feel like everyone was always playing in a cage.

Which is your favourite one?
I love Rooftop. Not only does it make me think of Blade Runner, but it’s so open and striking an area, while still having the ball stay in play almost all of the time.

Do we get weather effects in the game? Snow? Rain?
Not this time around. We focused on getting the base feel of the ball physics in good conditions feeling right. Besides – who really wants to play in those conditions if they don’t have to?

Tell us how you can use the environment while you play?
One simple answer – wall moves. Whether it’s a wall pass or sprinting up a wall and volleying to a teammate while you’re in the air, it brings a whole new element of gameplay to standard football. Just yesterday I had the CPU lob a pass off the wall above my net to a teammate who finished with a flying bicycle kick. I had to tip my cap to the AI team on that one.

Can the ball get out of bounds and what happens when it does?
Sure it can – sometimes it’ll come back – I see weird rebounds rolling back into play at the away end of Mediterranean quite often – other times it’ll just fade away and the opposing team’s keeper will get possession. No lost footballs in this game, unlike the pitch here at work…


Do you feel you know more about your team than your club’s Manager? Could you tell your mates how many games your centre back played last season and which foot he prefers to kick the ball with? Are you constantly keeping track of the transfers and youth prospects at your club?
Not only do you have to have a football brain, but you must have an interest in data editing. Experience with editing data for football video games will go a long way to ensuring you understand the data we need collected.
Now, if you’re still reading and are interested in this project, please take the time to fill out the below online registration. We read all applications and contact the people we feel best suit the projects on offer.

Football Talent Scout

The Database

How do you collect the data for the database?
We use a community of data editors who gather all of the data related to each of the leagues, teams and players that we have in the games. Our community of editors is based all around the world, primarily in the countries that feature in the games. The data is collected using a web based tool called the World Web Editor (WWE). As the name suggests, the tool is used worldwide and our editors around the globe enter data via WWE. This data is then integrated into the various football titles that EA produces.

What type of data do you collect?
We collect data for all players and teams we have in our game and also gather reference pictures for all players to help create the huge range of player heads in the game.

The most challenging data to collect is player attributes and traits as this data has a significant impact in game so it has to be as accurate as possible. As well as the players and team info we also collect data for player assets, accessories, team formations and squads, league info and much, much more.

Give us some stats about the database this year – how many teams, players etc?
You may have seen the PR guys saying FIFA 08 was the biggest game we’ve ever done; this year’s game features 15,000 players, 576 teams and 30 leagues.

Do you ever add attributes or get rid of them? How do you decide on the attribute changes?

The database currently has 35 attributes.  The wide range of these attributes allows the players in our game to be as realistic as possible. We’re always trying to improve the attributes every year to make the player’s behave as authentic as possible in game.

Sometimes attributes are removed to reflect the changes to the AI, while new ones can be added are also added which helps to improve the AI. We communicate with the game team and AI team to help improve the way the attributes are used in our game. It’s crucial that the teams and Data Collection are aware of what is needed and how it can be changed so the data is as accurate as possible and to make sure it is being used correctly.

If we look at FIFA 08 – when did you start collecting the data for the game?
For FIFA 08, we started to collect new data and tune the existing data around March 07. Our web editing tool is always live and we are constantly collecting and updating data throughout the year.

How do we use the attributes?
One of the most important aspects of creating an authentic football gameplay experience is to create players that look, move and play like their real-life counterparts which is why the attributes we collect are so important. We use all the attributes to calculate the overall ability of a player and every position has its own formula. Each attribute is weighted and its importance is based on the player’s position. For example, attributes like “Marking”, “Tackling” and “Heading” are more important to the overall make up of a centre back than a winger.

In most cases, this calculation is a mix of physical attributes (Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility etc.), mental attributes (Positioning, Vision, Tactical Awareness etc.) and the skill attributes (Crossing, Dribbling, Short Passing, Tackling etc.).

Once the game has shipped what do you do for the next few months until you need to deliver a new database for the next game?
The Data Collection group constantly improves the database and the different tools we need on a daily basis. We also participate actively in pre-production and post-production with the development teams.

When the game is shipped, the Data Collection group focuses on the player transfers as well as keeping an eye on the players to ensure that the data is as up-to-date as possible. We deliver two major database updates each year; the big one for the summer transfer deadline and the winter transfer update in February.

Who collects the data? Where do you get all the experts from?
The data is collected by our community of Data Editors. The Data Collection group currently has more than 100 editors across the globe that collect the data we require for the game.

These guys are football experts, passionate about football as well as football games. Their knowledge helps us collect accurate and realistic data. As well as the Editors we have more than 300 Data Reviewers who provide extra feedback on the WWE data. Every year, the Data Collection group hires new Data Editors and Data Reviewers from all around the world to increase the size of our ever expanding community of editors.

To help with hiring and processing new applicants we use a web-based tool called Talent Scout where candidates can apply for the different editor or reviewer projects that we offer. These applications are reviewed by the Data Collection producers on a daily basis. The link to apply for these projects is published on various websites around the world – we’ll be releasing the link for this shortly.

How do you collect the data? Do you have any contact with the clubs?
The data is collected by our Data Editors. The data is collected through various sources such as the internet, TV, and magazines. Many of our Data Editors have season tickets for their teams and also have some contacts within the clubs.

What is the hardest bit about working on the database?
Some leagues and teams don’t have a lot of resources and it can be very challenging to obtain accurate information. Language can also be a large barrier for some countries for example it’s hard to research a team in China if you don’t have anyone who speaks Chinese. The low exposure of certain teams can make our task quite difficult at times so it’s always great to get new editors for all around the world.

The Database People

Bruno Amata (Producer)
Describe your role as a database producer?
The database producer job is really varied and changes depending on where we are within the dev cycle. After a game launches we spend time reviewing the database, our editors and our tools to make sure we’re in a good position for the next game. As we get closer to the database delivery deadline we spent a lot of time reviewing the data, balancing it to make sure the players and teams are accurately rated and have a feeling of realism in the game.

It’s a constantly evolving role; as the game design changes we have to change with it to make sure we’ve got the right tools and people to delivery the best database possible

How did you get the job? What skills are required?
Bruno: I started to work at Electronic Arts for the Localization team where I was tester, senior tester and Assistant Development manager. During that time I worked on titles like Total Club Manager, FIFA and World Cup 2006. After 2 years of experience at EA I was keen to get into Production, especially in Football titles.

A year ago, I applied with the Data Collection group to become database producer. Project management and working with tight deadlines are definitely required skills to secure a position with the group but more than this; my cultural background, knowledge and experience with the world of football are also valuable assets. Football is also my passion and dealing with data everyday requires a huge commitment to the world of Football.

What is the best part of working on the database?
We are able to have a direct impact on the game and this is very exciting. This role offers a clear visibility of a development cycle and how the game works and is made.

We interact with different teams and groups within the studio and we also need to follow as much as possible what is happening in the world of football like player transfers for instance. Our community are great at updating us with all the latest moves and transfers. We spend a lot of time getting to know these guys and dealing with them on a daily basis increases our knowledge and helps increase the game’s authenticity hugely.

Do you find it hard to follow football living in Canada?
Not at all, I would not live here if I could not watch football! Cable TV has a number of football channels with some great coverage of the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, LFP, MLS, Mexico…pretty much any league you can think of.

Who is the best player you’ve ever seen?
I personally think Michel Platini was the best player I ever saw. He was a smart player and, despite the fact he was midfielder, he scored lot of goals. He was excellent with his right or left foot, headers, volleys, long shots. He was also the master of the free kick. I haven’t seen such a complete player since him. Zinedine Zidane is also a player I admire but this is a different period and football in the 80’s was a total different game, tactically, technically and physically.

How do you interact with the community?
Each producer keeps in touch with the Data Editors and Data Reviewers on a regular basis. Email is the most common way we communicate with our editors due to the time difference between Canada and other countries. We also use other instant messaging services; we mostly use MSN to chat live with our editors though.

Lino Chan (Spanish Data Editor)

How did you get into the role as a managing editor?
I spent several months as a user on EA’s official forum, providing patches (kits, balls, etc), support, etc. for FIFA games and the forum administrator contacted me to offer a database editor project for EA Sports football games after passing some tests.

Why do you want to be an editor?
I love football in real life and I have played the game series on computers since FIFA International Soccer 94 so working on the data is a total pleasure.

Why do you want to work on FIFA (or EA Sports Football titles)?
As a fan of the game, I love helping to make it realistic and perfect as possible.

What do you get out of the experience?

This is teamwork with people with a huge knowledge about football history, statistics, tactical and technical data all over the world. Besides the database part, I’m learning a lot about languages and cultures from another database editor.

How do you go about researching the teams? Do you spend all your time watching football?

In the beginning, I used a lot guides and newspapers, but it became basic stuff. Now the internet is a great tool to research data since you can find information on the websites, asking on forums, even watching highlight videos on streaming TV. I spend much more time than before, even on foreign leagues.

David De Myttenaere (Belgium Data Reviewer)
What does the role entail?
As a Reviewer, I provide feedback about the teams I know. I have access to the Jupiler League (First Division in Belgium) data and I can give information about clubs (name, website, colors, transfer budget, aso), about teams (formation, tactical preferences, key players), about players (personal info, contract info, body type, attributes, career info). I can’t edit these teams or players in the database but I can give information that will be reviewed (and updated if it is valid) by the Editor.

Why do you want to be a reviewer?
I have played FIFA games for many years and I want to improve it by giving information about the teams I know.

How did you start as a Reviewer?
In October 2007, I check the FIFA 08 website and I saw EA was searching for people who wanted to improve the game. As I know many things about the Jupiler League, I applied to become an editor for this League after giving them a bit of basic information about me. After EA quickly answered me I went to the next stage where I have to give a bit more information and then complete an editing test. In this test, I had to update information about six well-known players and to create two real players from scratch. Once I’d completed this test the guys at EA reviewed my data and then asked me to become a Reviewer which I happily accepted.


FIFA Informer provides an in depth look at major transfer in Ligue 1. All the transfers will also be included in the official roster update on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
1st : RC Lens : After a very bad beginning of the season (Lens was 18th/20 at the end of December), with two changes of manager : the first was Guy Roux, then Jean-Pierre Papin, and now Papin is helped by the return of the “Druide” Daniel Leclercq who left Lens 9 years ago, Lens just signed 2 players : Nadir Belhadj(algerian left wing-back from Lyon) and Toifilou Maoulida (striker from Auxerre).
With their new “tandem” of managers, and the reinforcement of Maoulida and Belhadj, Lens won 3 of their 4 games. Especially a game against Lyon in Stade Bollaert won 3-0 by the “Sang et Or”.

2nd : Lille OSC : Lille had a really bad beginning too : the team was 17th in the french league at the end of December. And, just like Lens, they just bought 2 players (until now) : Pierre-Alain Frau (striker from Paris SG) and especially Rio Mavuba(french defensive midfielder from Villarreal CF) who made his return in the french Ligue 1 after his departure from Bordeaux last summer.
Since this moment, Lille did’nt lose any game, and they won the game against Le Mans last wednesday with a great Mavuba.

3rd Olympique Lyonnais : Lyon is still the best team of french Ligue 1, but for this season 07/08, Lyon aren’t as strong as they were during the 6 last season. Maybe due to the new manager : Alain Perrin.
In order to improve the level of the team, Lyon signed argentinian winger from Cruz Azul : Cesar Delgado. If he’s not famous in France at this moment, he will probably be one of the best player in “le championnat” in a few months.
But Lyon lost their brasilian defensive-midfielder Fabio Santos (who came back to Brasil for a loan, due to personnal reasons). So, Marc Crosas, a young and talented spanish defensive-midfielder has been loaned by FC Barcelona until the end of the season.
Jean-Alain Boumsong will probably arrive in Lyon in a few days, while Milan Baroshas a lot of chances to be loaned to Portsmouth

During this transfer window, the main teams of Ligue 1 didn’t buy a lot of players :Marseille just bought 3 players in order to replace the players left to the african nation cup. Juan Angel Krupoviesa from Boca Juniors is one of them.

Paris Saint-Germain wanted to sign Fred from Lyon, but finally, the player want to stay in Olympique Lyonnais. So, they signed a 23 years old talented french striker (who’s currently the best scorer in Ligue 2 with 16 goals) : Guillaume Hoarau from Le Havre. But the player will arrive in Paris at the end of his contract : for the 08/09 season.
Paris is probably the most reduced team : they lost Pierre-Alain Frau (who moved to Lille) and Marcelo Gallardo (DC United). Even if Gallardo didn’t play a lot during these last months, they were important players for Paris.

AS Monaco lost 2 of their strikers : the tall Jan Koller who moved to Nuremberg and the young colombian Juan-Pablo Pino who has been loaned to belgian team Charleroi. But ASM signed the argentinian midfielder Sergio Almiron who has been loaned by Juventus.

The most important transfer : Cesar Delgado from Cruz Azul to Lyon. He’s not yet adaptated to european football, but when he is he will be amazing!


FIFA Street 3 is an arcade street football game – and thus needs to not only be fun and responsive – but has to be filled with all the tricks and moves that a street game deserves.

The first step we took in developing our gameplay controls was to steal all the technology we could from NBA Street: Homecourt! From a development point of view, it really let us hit the ground running. Homecourt gave us a great rendering engine already at 60 FPS on both consoles using an innovative animation engine perfectly suited for our trick-based arcade title. It was pretty funny for the first few weeks, watching NBA players kick a basketball around and do tricks into invisible nets – but what it meant was that we were, in essence, tuning our gameplay from day one. We were able to get early builds in front of focus groups – both in North America and in Europe – something that we’d never have been able to do if we hadn’t started with NBA Street’s technology.

The focus groups told us what we had already guessed was true – we needed a combination of over-the-top tricks and football fundamentals – ‘and make sure it’s responsive!’ To that end, we kept the controls simple but deep in terms of context. The first premise is ‘tap or hold’ – tap in a direction with the right stick – get a trick – hold in that direction – get a bigger trick. Combinations of directions (e.g. left then right) get yet another trick. The second premise is context-sensitivity. If a normal player does these moves, you’ll see one set of tricks. If a Specialist, such as a Trickster tries these moves, you’ll see a different set of tricks. Of course you get more variations depending the proximity of a defender or a wall – and whether you’re being tackled – get the timing right and you’ll see some of the most spectacular beat moves in a football game to date! All of these rules apply to standing drags, moving drags, juggling or trapping the ball. The last layer of moves that FIFA Street 3 unleashes takes place when you activate your Gamebreaker. Amazing tricks, parkour moves and martial-arts inspired beats truly take Gamebreaker to a whole new level.

Beyond just the visuals, we wanted the Gamebreaker to be a lot more fun to play – and more rooted in football momentum. The first thing we did is get rid of the circle on the ground that you used to need to run into to activate the Gamebreaker. Now once you’ve done enough tricks (always cashing in your Gamebreaker potential with a shot on target) to get your Gamebreaker ready, you can activate it with the push of a button – so you can use it strategically – either on offense or defense. Activating Gamebreaker will basically make all of your players a specialist in everything – each player has all the abilities and moves of the Finisher, Trickster, Enforcer and Playmaker unlocked and available. The world around you reacts to the Gamebreaker activation too – the soundtrack changes to a remix, up-tempo version of whatever song is playing at the time – and you can’t help but see the objects in the arena you’re in will dance along to the beat.

The Gamebreaker is more like momentum in a real football match. If one team is outclassing the other and scores, it’s not as if all that energy is over with – so the Gamebreaker doesn’t end with goal – but it starts depleting faster and faster with each subsequent marker. Of course if the team without the Gamebreaker scores, then that immediately gets everything back to even terms. In other words, it may look and feel out of this world, but it still has its roots in football, or sport, fundamentals.

In the end, simple controls that get you looking good right away – but tons of depth to master. But enough talk – download the demo and give it a try – it’s even more fun to play than it is to read about, believe me!